Hi! I’m artist Susan Jordan, owner of “Humadorables by Susan”. I have a wonderful husband, two amazing grown children and a little dog named Daisy. We moved to the Tampa area in 1997 when the kids were in kindergarten and first grade. I have always loved art and painting and had done murals and paintings for myself, family and friends but never professionally. When I was asked to do a mural for a friend of a friend, I was a little nervous, procrastinated, but in the end decided I would do it. Well, I did two children’s murals in that home, they were so amazing, I had so much fun and the client loved the murals so much that I decided then and there to start my own mural business, “Whimsical Walls and Murals by Susan”. That was 1999 and I kept very busy and happy painting murals for many years to follow. Then the recession hit and things slowed down, so I decided to try something new! Jewelry and handbags are two of my favorite things, so I combined the two and the result was “Humadorables by Susan”- cigar box purses to die for! I had so many guys ask, so now I make cigar box valets for them too. I call those my “man boxes” but girls like them as well! Please note that most of these cigar box purses and valets have some sort of small defect inflicted by the smokers of the cigars. This only adds character and charm. They are an up cycled product. If there is a large defect, it will be noted in the description.  Seriously, I almost hate to sell them they are so cute but I have way too many! Please check out my website  to view some of the fun murals I’ve done over the years, see my  adorable cigar box purses and valets I have for sale and find out more about what I love to do! Please follow and like Humadorables by Susan on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and sign up for my emails to be alerted of sales and events!