Cigar Purses

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My Humadorables combine two of my favorite things, hand bags and jewelry! Please don’t buy these if you are shy because you will get a lot of attention and compliments if you carry one of these babies! They are beautiful!! You will look for an excuse to open them up just to show off the inside!  I feel that the best packaging of any product on this planet is a cigar box. These little wooden vessels are objects d’ art all by themselves! That’s why when I make my Humadorables, I try to keep them as close to original as possible.

I’m proud to say that I am now also making valets for the guys. Girls like them too. Instead of the beaded handles, they have ornate feet. Please check them out! I do custom work as well- you name it.

Some have slight flaws due to normal handling by those who smoke the cigars. This only adds character and charm! Life is too short not to be cute!