694 White and Green CAO OSA Cigar Box Purse

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#694  $89.99 White and Green CAO OSA Cigar Box Purse

I love these CAO OSA cigar boxes and think I’m almost at the end of the line with them as I have not seen one in a while when I’m out hunting for cigar boxes. This one is little- hence the price. It will not fit a cell phone but still perfect for keys, lipstick and the other essentials. I started by painting the back black.I gave this one silver feet on the bottom and back. Green, white and silver beads along with a white tassel make up the handle. The interior is done with padded zebra fabric and green ball trim. I gave this little cigar box purse a heavy silver lock closure on the side for security. Green crystals have been added for further adornment. There are 2 extra holes- one on the top and one on the bottom – they are not that noticeable…  4.75 x 6 x 4.5


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