SOLD 600 CAO Concert Cigar Box Purse


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#600 $85 CAO Concert Cigar Box Purse    OK, this is a cigar box that looks like an amp- another cigar box purse that is so cool before I even touch it! The front lid looks like the controls of a guitar amplifier! I painted the back black and added an image of a skull. A bronze charm that reads “listen” has been added to the bottom of the cigar box purse. I gave this one silver pyramid stud feet on the bottom and back for protection, Silver hardware has been attached to the sides so that you can add a strap of your own if you wish. This makes it versatile in that now you can wear it cross body, over the shoulder or by the beaded handle.The handle is made up of black, white and silver beads and a black tassel. A silver button closure has been added for security. The interior lid has the original Concert guitar fret logo and the inside has been loved with padded zebra fabric and black ball trim. LOVE this one!!!!! 6 x 7.5 x 3.25