SOLD 641 Black Brick House Cigar Box Purse


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#641 $65 Black Brick House Cigar Box Purse

These Brick House cigar box purses have proven to be fan favorites thanks to that certain, catchy, little song- 36-24-36! The black ones are particularly pretty with gold trim. They are just sexy, period! Of course I gave this one gold feet on the back and bottom for protection and a gold crest button closure for security. The original closure was left as is for double safety. Gold hardware has been attached to the sides so that you may add a strap that you already own. This makes these little cigar box purses of mine versatile in that they can be worn by the handle, over the shoulder or cross body. I sell straps too if you need one. The handle is made up of gorgeous black, gold and bronze beads an a substantial black and gold tassel. The interior has been loved with padded zebra fabric and red trim. 7 x 8.75 x 3.25