SOLD 642 Perdomo Up Cycled Mermaid Cigar Box Purse


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SOLD #642 $65 Perdomo Up Cycled Mermaid Cigar Box Purse

This is a brown wooden cigar box purse with an absolutely beautiful image of a vintage, day dreaming mermaid decoupaged on to the front. It’s done in mostly yellows and blues and there is also a canoe, a palm tree, a swan, a blue flower and some vintage lettering in the background -so pretty! I added 4 blue crystals in the corners and the back has been painted black. The cigar box has been flipped so that the opening is now on the top and a heavy gold lock closure has been added for security. Gold feet have been added to the now bottom and the back of this cigar box purse.  Gold hardware has been attached to the sides so that you may add a strap that you already own. This makes these little cigar box purses of mine versatile in that they can be worn by the handle, over the shoulder or cross body. I sell straps too if you need one. The handle is made up of blue, yellow, white and pearl beads and has a substantial light blue tassel. The interior lid has the original label and is done in padded zebra with black lace trim. 6.75 x 9 x 2.5