SOLD My Father Cigars Le Bijou White Jewelry Box


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SOLD 659 My Father Cigars Le Bijou White Jewelry Box

This is an absolutely beautiful, gorgeous cigar box. It’s not a cigar box purse, but I did not want to put it into the “man box” part of my website. The box itself is very feminine-white wooden with the original, authentic, and very pretty labels in and out in pink, aqua and gold and turquoise lettering. I added ornate feet, a brass knob and did the interior in padded black velvet and black lace trim. A heavy gold lock closure has also been added. Very fancy. This would be great for jewelry, trinkets, love letters, anything special and would be so pretty on a dresser. 7 x 10.5 x 1.75/ 2.75 with the ornate feet