CAO M x 2 Black Velvet **Man Box**


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#674 $45 CAO M x 2 Black Velvet **Man Box**

This is a very clean, neat and sexy cigar box- mostly left as is-Surgeon General’s warnings and all. The cigar box is black velvet inside and out with the CAO M x 2 lettering in silver and gold. It has and interesting bi fold opening. I added a pewter knob for ease of opening and added ornate feet. This would be great for guys or girls and perfect for gifting.┬áThese look great on a dresser, desk or bookcase. Valet for keys, wallet and change, watch box, jewelry box, remote controls, stash box- the uses are endless. 6.5 x 8.5 x 2 / 3″ with the ornate feet