SOLD 736 Gasparilla Las Carillas**Man Box**


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736 Gasparilla **Man Box**

This Las Carillas cigar box is so gorgeous to begin with- engraved/burnished ship image on the outer lid and colorful ship image label on the inside lid. This is perfect for the Gasparilla pirate invasion here in Tampa! The green tax stamp has been left in tact.  I added a metal crest and skull and cross bones to the outer lid to give it an even more Gasparilla pirate feel. Ornate feet and a brass and white porcelain knob have also been added. The interior has been lovingly lined with padded black velvet.  These look great on a dresser, desk or bookcase. Valet for keys, wallet and change, watch box, jewelry box,  stash box- the uses are endless. Great gift for Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, graduation or groomsmen gifting. Perfect guy gift in general! 7.75 x 10.5 x 2/3 with the ornate feet