SOLD 502 CAO L x 2 **Man Box**

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#502 $55 CAO L x 2 **Man Box** This is one sexy cigar box turned man box! The original grey velvet cigar box was so handsome before I even got started. It has a mystical smokey design on the front that looks like a face the way the gold letters are placed. I added padded black velvet fabric to the interior sides. Surgeon General’s warnings are left on whenever possible. Ornate feet and a crystal knob are just enough to take this man box over the top! These make amazing gifts for the guys but girls like them too. Just think of all the things you could stash in here. From bureau, to make up table, to office desk, this one is a winner! 8.5 x 6.5 x 2 (3 with the ornate feet)