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SOLD #314 $65 La Gloria Cubana Carona Gorda Cigar Box Purse    Wow! I just love these kind of old timey looking cigar box purses with lots of color and beautiful labels! This one is no exception. The labels on the interior and exterior lid are stunning. I painted the back black and left the original green tax stamp in tact. A pretty red button closure has been added for security. Gold hardware has been added so that you can add a strap of your own if you wish. This allows you to wear this cigar box purse cross body, over the shoulder or by the exquisite handle. The handle is made up of red, yellow, white, silver and skull beads. I gave this one a black feather top- so sassy and sexy! The interior has been done in padded leopard fabric and given black trim! You will be stopped in your tracks wearing this one!  6.5h x 10.75w x 2.25d