SOLD 1454 Red Punch Cigar Box Purse with Locket



1454 Red Punch Cigar Box Purse with Locket

This is just a darling, little, red, wooden, slide opening Punch, Rare, Corojo cigar box to begin with. Up cycled to the nth, it makes a perfect little purse for an evening out! I added a locket that opens and closes with a magnet to the front. It comes with a faux clock face inside, but you can add your own picture if you like or a lock of hair etc… to make it your own. I added a crystal knob closure for security and eight gold purse feet have been added for protection. The back has been painted black. Gold hardware has been attached to the sides so that you may add a strap that you already own. This makes these little cigar box purses of mine versatile in that they can be worn by the handle, over the shoulder or cross- body. I sell straps and gold and silver cross body chains too. The chain in the last photo is available, but not included. The interior has been lined velvet leopard fabric and red trim.  The beaded handle is made up of black, red, gold and crystal beads and a fat gold and tassel. Be ready for compliments! 5.25 x 6.5 x 5.5″ THIS IS AN AUTHENTIC CIGAR BOX PURSE, SO SMALL FLAWS INFLICTED BY THE SMOKERS OF THE CIGARS ARE TO BE EXPECTED! They only add character and charm! Large flaws will be noted in the description. If you don’t like what you see, I can do custom cigar box purses and can include anything you like!- pictures of family members, pets, places- you name it! I always ship insured. Feel free to call me! 813-655-8003- Home. Please sign up for email via this site to get in on sales and new products. Also please follow Humadorables by Susan on Facebook and Instagram.

Use coupon code:  SHIPCHAIN at check out to take shipping charges off of the chain when adding to a cigar box purse purchase and add in comments if you would like gold or silver.

History: Imagine if today you tried naming a cigar after Kermit the Frog. You’d be accused of something akin to child endangerment for associating a beloved doll with tobacco. The 19th century, it seemed, was a bit less rigid in terms of recognizing art and that’s how a Cuban cigar came to be named for a puppet. Or marionette. The one with the strings. The character was ‘Mr. Punch,’ the star of a British (or German?) show popular largely at the beach. Mr. Punch’s wife, Judy, or some hapless third character, was often the victim in a pretty violent show. Essentially, we’d call it domestic abuse. None of our 21st century sensibilities played on a German fellow named ‘Stockmann’ who registered the Punch brand in 1840, a year before a British magazine featuring a ‘Mr. Punch’ was first published. The magazine’s character always had a cigar in its hand, so the idea arose (and is perpetuated by the clown’s image on the Cuban box) that the magazine was the source of the naming of the cigar, but the original Punch cigar was created before the magazine. Because of the fame of the Punch name in the United Kingdom, the Punch cigar became vastly popular there. The brand was sold in 1874 and then again 10 years later to Manuel López Fernandez, whose name is still found on Cuban Punch bands and boxes. That’s when Punch really took off. López retired in 1924 and the company lasted just until 1929, the year of the worldwide depression. The company’s financial troubles resulted in its being acquired in 1930 by Fernandez, Palicio y Cia. Punch rose again to join the company’s other brand, Hoyo de Monetrrey, as one of the world’s best.Jump to 1960 and the nationalization of the Cuban cigar industry by the Castro revolution. Fernando Palicio, like so many other cigar-makers, fled to Florida. Seeing little future for the Cuban cigar business, Palicio sold his brands to Frank Llaneza and Dan Blumenthal, owners of Villazon & Co. Today, General Cigar owns the brands and continues to make Punch and Hoyo de Monterrey cigars in Honduras.