SOLD “I Put a Hex on You” Red Hexagon Cigar Box Purse



1569 “I Put a Hex on You” Red Hexagon Cigar Box Purse

This bright red, wooden, hexagon shaped, La Gloria Cubana, Serie N cigar box purse is a show stopper. Please don’t wear this if you don’t want to attract a lot of attention! It’s another one of those cigar boxes that I just get so excited about when I find them- and in good shape too. The lid is a sliding lid and after much thought, I found a way to keep it from sliding all the way off. Because of this method to keep it from flying off, the lid only opens 1/2 way. It’s still very roomy and easy to get your belongings in and out of. The large crystal knob gives it a bit of extra security and also a bit of flair. There is a very slight gap in the closure – see pics and zoom in. I painted the bottom black and added 6 gold purse feet for protection. The chunky gold chain attaches to gold hardware and can be removed so that you can you another chain or strap if you wish. I liked it so much that I did not add any “bling”, but for a nominal fee, I will happily bling it up for you! The inside has been lined and padded with 7 pieces of foam and black velvet- so pretty! 8 x 7 x 6″ deep. THIS IS AN AUTHENTIC CIGAR BOX PURSE, SO SMALL FLAWS INFLICTED BY THE SMOKERS OF THE CIGARS ARE TO BE EXPECTED!  Large flaws will be noted in the description. If you don’t like what you see, I can do custom cigar box purses and can include anything you like!- pictures of family members, pets, places- you name it! I always ship insured. Feel free to text or call with questions. 813-416-7071 Also please sign up for emails via this site and follow Humadorables by Susan on Facebook and Instagram to get in on sales and new products.

History:  La Gloria Cubana was founded in 1885 by Sociedad Cabanas y Castro. Starting small, the brand is considered a little jewel amongst Cuban cigars brands to this day.  The name La Gloria Cubana literally means the “Glory of Cuba”, a fitting name due to the brands legacy of creating some of the most glorious habanos. Overall, the brand came into the spotlight for manufacturing cigars of exquisite aromas, hand-rolled in formats that perfectly accented the brand’s flavoured profile, been available at very considerable prices – everything a cigar smoker could possibly ask for. Soon after its birth, La Gloria Cubana Cigars became instantly likeable amongst local cigar aficionados and artisan cigar smokers, presaging the worldwide success that the brand was about to experience.  Like many other cigar brands, La Gloria Cubana has been under the supervision of various cigar pioneers over the years. In 1905, only ten years after its creation, the brand was purchased by Jose F. Rocha, who manufactured the brand’s habanos in his factory at 364 Miguel Street in Havana, Cuba. After Rocha’s death in 1954, La Gloria Cubana along with Bolivar Cigars were bought by the Cifuentes family while both brands’ production was moved to the Partagas Cigars factory, where they are manufactured to this day. But here’s where the brand’s history gets complicated. After the Castro revolution, La Gloria Cubana stopped producing its very much sought habanos for unknown reasons. Many theories have been developed in an attempt to determine what truly led to the discontinuance of the brand, however, none of them was ever proved – leaving the La Gloria Cubana’s cigar smoking fans wondering about the brand’s sudden extinction. Fortunately, La Gloria Cubana was brought back to life sometime in the 1960s. Since then, the brand has been rolling Cuban Cigars on a more limited basis, emphasizing on quality rather than quantity, producing truly artisanal habanos. During the 1990s, acclaimed blender Ernesto Perez Carillo revived the brand’s cigars collection, expanding the already loyal and devoted following of the brand even more. Well-known for their high quality average sized smokes, La Gloria Cubana cigars can undoubtedly satisfy the needs of every refined cigar smoker out there.